IKU has decided to invest itself into the creation of the Apicentre charitable association, working towards setting up its first Bee Sanctuary in Italy.

In further developing IKU’s methodological approach to business, we continuously explore innovative views on organisational governance and strategy execution. These include new insights on bee colonies that subvert traditional views of beehives as rigid and authoritative structures that subjected individuals to the needs of the Queen Bee.

Today, bees are increasingly referred to “superorganisms”: a complex social and behavioural network with a decentralised decision-making mechanism activated through continuous feedback and targeted communication.

We are increasingly captivated by the way in which individual bees take over activities according to clear roles and responsibilities based on their experience and skills, while still dynamically adjusting to the needs of the hive. Their focus on the long-term survival of their colony drives them to act swiftly in the present to secure and allocate optimised levels of available resources and energy.

Apicentre is a new initiative that aims to repurpose unused or neglected land into pesticide-free wildflower meadows, creating natural and protected ‘sanctuaries’ for bees. By placing bee hives at each Bee Sanctuary, we can stimulate the healthy growth of local bee populations, and help mitigate the effects of rising bee colony collapse.

Why Bees?

  • Bees are a keystone species that pollinates nearly all fruits and vegetables.
  • Yet, due to a combination of pollution, pesticides, and wild habitat loss, their numbers are rapidly declining.
  • By establishing Bee Sanctuaries, we can help support population growth of local bee colonies.

What Are Our Steps?

  • Identify suitable land and make the necessary arrangements with local owners.
  • Establish apicentric beehives, specially designed to best address the most natural needs of a bee colony.
  • Plant bee-friendly wildflower meadows to sustain the colony, then step back, and let nature do what it does best.

Find out more about our work at: www.apicentre.buzz