Our Concept

Three quarks for Muster Mark!

Sure he hasn’t got much of a bark

And sure any he has it’s all beside the mark.

James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, 1939

Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Truth, and Beauty are quarks.

The smallest components of matter currently known. By combining with each other in accordance with set rules, they constitute eery physical entity: organic or material. Though they simply appear to be words-in-freedom, they actually represent a revolutionary scientific theory in the field of elementary particles, which has been awarded the Nobel prize.

IKU has worked with the concept of quarks in defining its integrated methodology, consolidated throughout a decennial experience in the top management of a multinational pharmaceutical company, and further refined through the original application of scientific models to business. By choosing and combining components and competences, the methodology assures the definition and application of strategic and operative models, fulfilling the requirements of the specific organisational context – just like quarks.

IKU collaborates in the definition of corporate strategy, in its targeted and efficient communication and in the setup of a coherent governance system, facilitated by a dynamic and transparent decisional process, steered by shared, essential criteria.

IKU intervenes to translate the management’s vision into strategic initiatives and tangible operational objectives, measurable through Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Using such tools as the Balanced Scorecard and Live Dashboards to document the progress of individual projects – or globally, at Portfolio level – it is possible to simplify the alignment of resources towards the defined priorities, and identify in due time any issues that could jeopardise the achievement of results.

IKU designs the company’s Research and Development architecture, building the function and its processes on the specificity of the product typology, from conception to launch. The model envisages the definition of interdependent progress phases, separated by events (milestones and checkpoints), and decision points. Concise and exhaustive roadmaps hasten development while adhering to the established quality standards, catalysing creativity and innovation.

IKU elaborates platforms for discussion and educational pathways to promote intense culture, operative and strategic transformations, working on involvement, motivation, and the creation of synergies between the various areas, structures and functions in the organisations.

IKU harmonizes the modus operandi through process optimisation, removing redundant tasks, information silos and obsolete habits, acclaiming complementarity and simplicity of execution.

IKU organizes the global management of projects by bringing together accredited theories (Project Management Book of Knowledge – PMBOK), further simplified for a rapid introduction even in smaller structures; and the management of knowledge and the identification of company best practices, assigning roles and responsibilities to existing resources, and drawing common processes and procedures, planning and monitoring workgroup activities, strengthening teamwork, and maximising cohesion and cooperation.

IKU proposes calibrated solutions that are realistically implementable in organisations of different sizes, sectors, languages, and countries, going beyond theories and expectations.